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The Scouting Team Visits El Porvenir

Today’s adventure took us an hour and a half to the community of El Porvenir. The new bus and the careful driving of Geovanny made the trip fly by. This remote village graduated from the Friends of Barnabas Program as today was our last visit with them. Debbie noted the good health of the people in this community, which is a testimony to the dedication of the many who are involved with The Friends of Barnabas. The new division of sick and well clinics and the new Medical Record documentation system were instituted with minimal disruption. Everyone who attended clinic was treated.

Joseph gave his cross to Juan, a 10-year-old, who worked very hard to help set up clinic. (If you look carefully at the photos, you will see Joseph and Juan in a fist bump.) Jack gave his cross to a sweet little girl who visited us on her birthday. She held that cross in her tiny little hands until she walked out the clinic door.

After dinner the day’s activities were reviewed and lively discussion ensued. The team members may not agree on everything, but we carry the burden of each other’s opinions, as plans are being made for the 2022 teams. We covet your prayers as we make decisions that will impact not only the teams, but each and every person we encounter.

Our evening ended with a devotional by Kristen from Galatians 6:2. She reminded each of us that we are fulfilling God’s word by bearing one another’s burdens. This is just what we needed to hear as we set about planning for next year.

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