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The Harrisonburg Team is in Honduras!

September 23, 2023

As a first-time team member, it was an honor to meet the rest of my comrades today upon our arrival in San Pedro Sula, Honduras! Although this was my first in-person interaction with my teammates, I felt an instant connection and familiarity with each of them. Our journey to the Friends of Barnabas house was about two and a half hours, but so many personal testimonies and experiences were being told that it made the journey fly by.

We all arrived at the house with our luggage and supplies and quickly got settled in to grab fresh hot coffee and treats prepared by our sweet friends. Lidia talked with us regarding the schedule of the week, and a few of the team members shared powerful stories of impact from their prior trips. Hearing these recollections lit a fire in my soul and has left me with a joy in my heart this evening. Knowing how one small assessment, listening ear, or tender touch can deeply influence the outcome of lives here is a great responsibility, but also a high honor.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert together and even watched a reflection video from the most recent team’s experience. The short video was quite effective at getting us all in the spirit of impact and pulling at our heart strings. Shortly following supper, two of our colleagues began to sing praise music and play the guitar as a few more of us sat in reflection and listened contently. There is a sense of peace in the place that is undeniable and palpable. God is certainly working in our hearts and I look forward to seeing what He lays at our feet tomorrow.

Many blessings,

Savannah Herndon

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