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The Dinwiddie Team is in Honduras!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Dinwiddie team arrived safety to Alfredo’s House. Members came from VA, TN, DC, FL and NY. Returning members reunited with old friends and new members joined the family!

Our morning devotional was about the miracles that surround us and that we should appreciate all of them, everywhere, every day. “Allow yourself to feel and experience the majesty of My creation, this will restore your enthusiasm for life.”

Today was a very special occasion, as we had the honor and privilege to attend the first graduation of community leaders who completed special training in emergency care for their community. These communities have completed the program with the Friends of Barnabas and will be functioning independently. Jacob gave the opening and closing prayers and Nareesa read and translated the oath. Graduates of the program brought their families with them to celebrate this grand occasion. After the ceremony we all sat together and had lunch.

After the celebration we packed medications for the week and had a review of the clinics and electronic medical record. We reviewed expectations for the week and after dinner everyone dispersed to get ready for the week.

~The Dinwiddie Team

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