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Team Dinwiddie is in Honduras!

Saturday, November 5th, 2022

The day started at 2am as the Richmond group gathered at the church to head to the airport. Four others joined the group in Miami, 2 from florida and 2 from D.C. The flight was uneventful and Nareesa and Carlos took the supplies through customs without issues. We arrived at the new airport in Palmerola and we were very impressed with ease of getting through customs and immigration. We arrived at the Alfredo House with everyone very tired but excited to be back after three years! Rooms were assigned, we unpacked and had a delicious dinner. After our devotional given by Shirley, everyone closed up for the evening to start a new day tomorrow.

~Jessica & Yolanda

Team Dinwiddie

Shirley Woodlief - Team Leader

Pam Witt

Dr. Nareesa Mohammed-Rajput

Liz Laidlaw

Dale Field

Yolanda Baksh-Mohammed

Jessica Earhart

Matthew Comer

Elvin Floyd

Carlos Munoz

Tim Beck

Alex Comer

Evelyn Eley

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