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Smiles in San Ramon

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Day 3 of clinics we went to San Ramon, San Francisco de Ojueras, Santa Barbara.

Unfortunately, we started the day short a team member. One of our team members caught a bug and was too sick for the bus ride and to see patients in the community (she is doing well now). The FOBF staff at the house did an amazing job nursing her back to health and we are glad to say she is better and will be back out to the next community tomorrow.

The road to this community was the smoothest so far. As we got to the community it is always great to see how everyone from little children to the elders in the community immediately come out to help unload the gear from the bus and help the team set up. It seems every clinic day the team makes friends with the people in the community, and today was no different. Skip learned how the children fold their hands when an elder walks by to show respect. Steve learned a couple new words and phrases to help communicate in the Dental clinic. Thanks to Theresa's knowledge and experience she was able to diagnose and assist a 6-year old's uncommon ailment instantly. These are just a few highlights of all the amazing things that happened today.

It was another great day out in the community. We had a little rain while we were there but were able to get back to the house before the hard rain came. Now to rest and regroup for another rewarding day tomorrow.


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