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Reveille Team is in Honduras!

Sunday, July 9th, 2023

Today, the Reveille team had a wonderful time getting settled in at Alfredo House and exploring some of the natural beauty of Honduras. We woke up to a tasty breakfast and then started our eventful week with a visit to the Pulhapanzak waterfall, where some of us ziplined. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience to zipline over the waterfall, the water cascading below our feet and a rainbow shimmering at the bottom. After a short hike to a spot where we had a clear view of this natural wonder, we piled into our van again to head back to Alfredo House.

Our next activity of the day was pill packing for the clinics in the communities we are going to this week. Some of us filled bags with powdered toothpaste or vitamins and medicines while others labeled and sealed bags. We worked well as a team to assemble the wellness bags for our patients while swapping stories and learning more about each other in the process.

After we prepared all of the wellness bags for the clinics, we rested for a little while before driving to the restaurant Agua Azul, which overlooks the lake. There, we ate a delicious dinner of tortillas with various meats and plantains with bean dip. Honduran cuisine never fails to amaze us with its exquisite flavors.

After a long first day, the team is ready to get some rest before the exciting days ahead of us in the mountain communities. We are so grateful to be here with Friends of Barnabas and are prepared to put forth our best efforts for the people we serve this week!

~Anna Rogers

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