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Rest & Preparation

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Sunday was a day of both rest and preparation for our team. In the morning, we visited Bioparque Paradise Honduras, a botanical park where we enjoyed seeing and learning about the lush tropical foliage, native fruit trees, and the sight and sound of beautiful rushing streams. God’s presence was all around us as we were once again reminded of His majesty and attention to detail when He created the beauty all around us.

Flat Jesus accompanied us to the garden and was very excited to pose for a photo with a banana tree.

We spent the afternoon packing medications and supplies to distribute to the families we will care for this week. We packed hundreds of bags of adult and children’s vitamins, acetaminophen, and antacid tablets. The team also assembled wellness bags of basic care items including antibiotic and hydrocortisone cream that each family will receive.

The team went to dinner at a restaurant owned by a gentleman from Virginia (small world!) and enjoyed great fellowship in a lovely outdoor setting. After dinner, we returned home to Alfredo House and gathered to lay out the plans for our first clinic day. There’s a lot to be done, and we all have much to learn!

We ended the evening with a very meaningful commissioning service. Each team member was anointed with prayer for blessings in the week ahead and given a cross necklace. The crosses are very special, as we will each watch for a “God moment” opportunity to give our cross away to a member of the Honduran community who has especially touched us.

Thank you again for your support and your prayers. They mean so much. We’re looking forward to sharing the details of our ministry each day this week.

~Frances Rogers

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