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Puerta de Potrero

Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

This morning, we all took our group photo today in front of the Alfredo house and loaded into the bus. Little did I know this day would be more than special for me and everyone else.

When we were pulling into the village site, it was up an extremely steep road, and we were passed by a huge group of people. Everyone was so confused because the village was headed away from us but sadly later on, we learned that it was a funeral progression. The bus stopped and we all shared our grievances through the windows. Luckily later in the day more of the village came to the clinic.

As we pulled up to the site I was in awe. The clinic was at the very top of a mountain, you could see everything for miles. It was so most beautiful sight. The morning went by smoothly. By now we all got the routine down, everyone knows what’s needed where and where they can be of most help. Eventually it was time to break for lunch and today they served my favorite, loaded nachos!!

After lunch was over, I found out that today I was getting to accompany a home visit along with Savanah, another volunteer like me, Erica, a nurse, Minerva, one of the head leaders of the program, and Jose our most experienced interpreter. A daughter and grandmother had come through our clinic and informed us that the mother was at the house and couldn’t get to the clinic but desperately needed to be seen. I knew from that moment we were drawn there for a reason.

This poor woman had a huge ulcer on her ankle that had been there for two years. I couldn’t imagine what that had to have been like for her and her family. We spent a lot of time there talking to her gaining information and trying to figure out what the best course of action would be. The organization is going to try to get her to a hospital soon and the family couldn’t have been more grateful. The grandmother gave me the biggest longest hug and so did the daughter. The daughter was especially sweet. She walked with me all the way back to the clinic holding my hand the whole time.

The rest of the day no matter where I went, what I was doing, or who I was helping she was right by my side. She was constantly holding my hand, waist or just standing next to me. I felt so much for this little girl; I fell in love. Because of everything this little girl had been through and how much love she still carried in her, I gave her my cross necklace to keep, and the translators explained she was touched. The rest of the day she kept giving the other kids and volunteers stickers like she saw me doing. If I could give her the world I definitely would’ve and trust me, I tried to take her home with me. When it was time to leave, she kept pulling me back and when I was on the bus she stood and the fence next to my window waving bye. I opened my window and held her hand till I had to say goodbye. This community was so sweet, and kind and her character reflected them all.

After leaving we all got a little surprise that really put a cherry on top of the whole day. We stopped for ice cream!! There was an amazing view to go along with it too. What a truly amazing day. If only I could stay here forever.

After dinner we were all definitely feeling the weight of day three, very tired but more grateful than ever. Having our nightly debrief I could just tell how touched everyone was feeling and how we’re meant to be here. I myself couldn’t be more grateful! Till tomorrow

💙 Hallie

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