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Planes de Italia

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Today the clinic was held at Planes de Italia, San Antonio, Cortes. This community has about 600 residents and 120 families. It takes two hours to walk to the nearest health department. The water source for the community is a spring located about 2 hours away on foot.

Everyone seems to have had a better day today; however, the health needs in this community were high. There were many children under the age of 10 in this community and very few male adults seen. Accessibility for healthcare in the U.S. is taken for granted. Today there was a reality check when a small child who needed acute care and access to a hospital had been unable to be taken because of lack of transportation. Jessica's cross was given to the mother of the ill child, and arrangements were made to take the child to a medical facility.

Evelyn had a great day in the dental clinic. She entertained the kids and had them dancing while waiting to be seen. At the end of the day, Evelyn started to clean the trash around the grounds. Children and the guards joined her in her clean-up campaign. They collected two large bags of trash. She was a great example for the kids. Evelyn also gave her cross away to a 73-year-old woman who had poor vision, had lost most of her teeth, and was in clinic to have her remaining teeth removed.

All team members are all looking forward to tomorrow.

Thank you,

Jessica and Yolanda

Team Dinwiddie

Shirley Woodlief - Team Leader

Pam Witt

Dr. Nareesa Mohammed-Rajput

Liz Laidlaw

Dale Field

Yolanda Baksh-Mohammed

Jessica Earhart

Matthew Comer

Elvin Floyd

Carlos Munoz

Tim Beck

Alex Comer

Evelyn Eley

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