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Plancitas de Suyapa

Tuesday, May 24, 2023

The team as a whole encountered a wide variety of patients and ailments while in Plancitas de Suyapa. Our team participated in their first home visits; one was for a young girl with a fever and the other was for an older gentleman with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure. The team members that participated in the home visits were overwhelmed with the extent of family involvement and presence during their loved one's ailments. Dr. Dan and Daniel helped the elderly man with a nebulizer treatment, which significantly improved his immediate condition, however they learned that the family can no longer afford his medication. Dr. Dan had a discussion with the patient about how both of his conditions are progressive in nature, and touched on discussing end of life. The patient stated that he put his faith in God and was assured in his salvation, which moved Dr. Dan to give his cross to him. Catherine and Dra. Moncada visited the young girl with a fever and were able to give her amoxicillin for her illness.

Multiple members of the staff had fun playing with bubbles with the children. They were laughing and playing and trying to catch them! We even had an older gentleman from the community that wanted to participate in playing with the children, and Norma was so moved by his joy and liveliness with the children that she gave him her cross. Perrine was moved to give her cross to a patient that was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. The patient stated that the only treatment is to have surgery, however she was scared of any procedure. Perrine gave her the cross and prayed with her for her safety and guidance down the right path for her health. Karen gave her cross to a young man who broke his arm, and upon further conversation with him she learned he would need future heart surgery for a congenital condition that his mother also had.

All in all, our staff encountered different levels of need - one little boy had seizures and a heart murmur, and a woman with bilateral ear infections had a grand mal seizure while in the clinic. A bunch of children were reported to have had fevers, one documented as being 102. One woman came in and at first she didn't report any issues, but as she was about to leave Emberli said her whole demeanor changed. When asked what was troubling her, she stated that she had significant anxiety over not being able to see her adult children more regularly. Her eldest daughters had moved away and she was concerned for their safety. Emberli, not having counseling resources or medication to give this patient, educated the patient on breathing exercises and prayed with her for her peace and her children's safety. Susan saw a patient who was pregnant that was experiencing back pain, and upon leaving Susan's chiropractic station the patient was smiling and "bouncing" down the stairs feeling better. Sarah saw a patient in the dental clinic that needed fluoride who had cerebral palsy. She was smiling and giggling the whole time and lit up the station with her energy.

Today's visit was overall a success. It was also very much needed - this is the first time Friends of Barnabas had been to Plancitas de Suyapa. Many healthcare needs were addressed and we were able to put faces to names. This will aide us in the future when we follow up in six months to continue their care.

~Muchos Manos Team

Susan Streigler - Team Leader

Patti Wagner - Team Leader

Catherine Roberts

Perrine Jackson

Karen Fish

Sarah Ott

Daniel Myers

Courtney Batten

Dan Weaver

Emberli Little

Norma Tansey

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