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NICU Training Team is in Honduras!

Our NICU training team arrived in two parts, but we are now all here and busy making this learning experience a success. This year’s conference is presenting the STABLE certification course, as well as the Neonatal Resuscitation Course. It is all being made possible through a Rotary International Train the Trainer Global Grant, that will allow us to continue these training events for three years, moving toward making it sustainable in Honduras. Though 72 medical professionals registered for the conference, only 38 attended. Inclement weather (non-stop rain) created unsafe road conditions for those registrants further away. Nonetheless, the course was attended by 10 physicians, 23 nurses, and 4 paramedics.

Registrants were given a pre-test at the time they registered for the class. This allows the students to see what information they need to spend time studying prior to the conference lectures. It is also a great tool for measuring the level of learning for participants. Participants take a quiz on information presented periodically throughout the course.

Throughout the lectures, the group seemed engaged and intently listening. Participants were observed taking notes and highlighting their books. Instructors involved the students by expanding lessons with scenarios and providing more detail as needed. They also asked questions of the group and engaged in discussion. The blood sugar and temperature modules were covered by Kelin Mendez. Kimberly Urbina taught the difficult module on Airway management. Our US instructors, Diane Youmans, Jennifer Butler, and Heather Wyrick all contributed to the presentation of this information. The team effort made to assist the students in learning as much as possible is a wonderful thing to see.

The last part of the day was spent in skill stations. The participants were divided into three groups. Skill station instructors (Arun James RT, Jennifer, and Heather) demonstrated the step-by-step process for airway assessment, proper positioning, ensuring seal and chest rise, suctioning, and increasing pressure as appropriate. The instructors then also demonstrated advanced airway intubation, using different techniques, and allowed participants to intubate the manikins. The participants were able to practice these skills and loved every minute. Many did not want to stop.

Overall, the group was very engaged, and the day was a great success. At the end of the day, Patti asked everybody that had learned something new to raise their hand and each and every person did so enthusiastically.

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