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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Today the Muchos Manos team made the long and windy journey up the mountain to the village of Mojarras. We encountered many obstacles such as animals in the roadway, narrow and rocky roads, a few bridges and turns that look like we may drive over a cliff. At dinner tonight, we reflect and share our positive and negative experiences of the day. Sarah gave away her cross to a bubbly, energetic girl. Karen stepped out of her comfort zone and delivered a wonderful and warm greeting to the community upon our arrival in Mojarras, something she had on her bucket list to do from her trip last year.

We also had two patients that learned they were pregnant today after a positive pregnancy test result in the clinic. Catherine, with an extensive background in pediatrics and in the NICU, made a connection with one of the pregnant women. With the help of Emberli, the mother was able to hear the baby's heartbeat with the use of a doppler. Catherine gave her cross away to this woman, noting that she had never delivered the news of a pregnancy to a patient before.

Patti met a family with a young girl who had been injured in a bicycle accident 6 months ago, sustaining several serious injuries that required surgery. After waiting in the public hospital for two months to have a shoulder injury repaired, the family was unable to wait for the orthopedic surgeon any longer due to the cost. The patient's family took her home to take care of her. Unfortunately, due to not being able to have her shoulder repaired, the young girl had lost complete control and use of her left arm and required a sling to support it. Patti shared a touching moment with the mother, who has been tirelessly caring for her children. The mother also said she was losing her eyesight and was unable to read her Bible to find inspiration in her scripture. Patti gave her cross to the mother and shared a prayer of strength with the family.

Susan and Emberli saw a young woman today that was beaming with happiness, especially after her chiropractic adjustment with Susan. Through conversation, the woman shared how excited she was for the Friends of Barnabas Team to be in her village, as she had a cleft lip repair surgery 14 years ago through the FOBF for which she was eternally grateful.

Dr. Dan had a busy day teaching his patients how to "fist bump," and encouraging all the kids to teach their friends their newfound skill. After clinic, Dr. Dan and Daniel hit the field in the village to play soccer with the local kids.

The visit to this community was very much needed as it was only the second time the FOBF has visited Mojarras. Our team returned home to another delicious dinner awaiting us after a long and emotional, but incredibly fulfilling day. Off to bed as we recharge our hearts and minds for tomorrow!

~Muchas Manos Team

Susan Streigler - Team Leader

Patti Wagner - Team Leader

Catherine Roberts

Perrine Jackson

Karen Fish

Sarah Ott

Daniel Myers

Courtney Batten

Dan Weaver

Emberli Little

Norma Tansey

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