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Mojarra, Zavala

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Today’s mid-week travels took us into the mountains to Mojarra, Zavala, Santa Barbara.  This small village consists of 433 residents and it’s in its 3rd year in the program.  As we approached the school, residents were already starting to line up to be seen in the clinic.

The villages welcoming committee, also known as Emily, greeted the Barnabas team with rounds of hugs, to show her appreciation.  It was a village effort to unload the bus and trucks to set up clinic.  Members of the team were so excited to reunite with previous patients to see their progress and growth.  There were old faces and new faces that brought joy and happiness to the team.  

Emberli Was able to take care of a family she had the joy of meeting last year. The mom was part of the early work with FOBF when they assisted getting her cleft lip repaired as a child. She visited the medical team for the first time with her family last year where she came to Emberli’s station and her and her family stole the hearts of the team. Her little boys introduced us to “mango burns” last year and her daughter had a broken arm. All were very excited to share their healed bodies and incredibly thankful for Friends of Barnabas care through the years.

Half way through registration, the team from RISE Center spotted the cutest little girl laying across her mother’s lap.  As she approached weight and measurement, we just knew we had to get a picture with her!  She was drawing circles, lines and crosses with the most beautiful grasp.  She had the most contagious smile and just wrapped you around her finger immediately.  Not only was her mother the beneficiary to one cross but two.  The first cross was given during clinic.  Cesia, was very inquisitive in how to use a stethoscope.  Sitting on Catherine’s lap, she listened to her heartbeat.  She also helped to brush her teeth.  In the next step of clinic, Cesia ran through the dental clinic doors and jumped into Joylyn’s lap for her fluoride. There was an immediate bond with a little help from “Wheels on the Bus”, the process was quick and seamless. The bond continued as Joylyn and Cesia read through parts of the Bible, while her mom had a dental procedure done. Cesia truly brought joy to everyone she met today!

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