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Las Margaritas

Updated: Feb 2

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Today the team traveled to Las Margaritas. This is the second year that the Trinity team has served this community, and a new road along the way was an unexpected bonus. We were greeted with much enthusiasm by residents who were ready and able to assist and who showed great pride in their community and each other.

The health of the community was noticeably better this year, with the condition of teeth of the children a notable high note.

The three new team members were quicky put to work and found the experience rewarding. A whole new group of interpreters were on site to assist and were very helpful in every area.

Arely, a physical therapy intern, was a welcome addition to a new physical therapy clinic that was extremely busy.

Pastor Brian was on hand and had several conversations with community members struggling with depression or feelings of being overwhelmed.

Physical conditions of note in the adult population included hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes, rheumatic heart disease, ptosis, asthma, and downs syndrome. Many were referred to Dra. Moncada for long term follow up. Conditions in the children ranged from coughs to nutritional issues to fetal alcohol syndrome.

Dr. Mark gave his cross in support of the grandmother of the patient with downs syndrome. Joseph gave his cross to a young, very talented football star who impressed us all with his skills while also showing an amazingly friendly personality.

All in all, it was a great day in an amazing community. We look forward to what’s next!

~Linda Hart & Pastor Brian

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