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La Virtud

Friday, May 26, 2023

Today's community was La Virtud, San Fransisco de Yojoa, Cortes. It turned out to be an emotional last day of clinic, in part due to the gravity of illnesses encountered and team members being overwhelmed with emotion that the week was over. A lot of sick children and elderly came through the clinic today; everyone could feel the need and importance of the services that Friends of Barnabas was providing to this community. Daniel had a busy day in the pharmacy with preparing multiple prescription medications, giving breathing treatments, and blood sugar checks.

Emberli and Courtney were drawn to the same family; a young mother with two little girls and a very small three-month-old baby, spent a lot of time in the medical clinic. The two young girls had been sick for a few weeks and had a fever in clinic and the baby was extremely small and had multiple referral criteria to the Extended Care Program. Courtney came to help Emberli comfort the young girls, while Emberli continued to provide care to the mother and provide education. Courtney was so moved by the mother's struggle and emotional weight she carries that she decided to give her cross to her.

Patti also saw many young children that were referred into the Extended Care Program. Perrine and Susan bonded over the same patient and Susan gave her cross away today to this elderly woman who was struggling through the grief of losing her son the previous Saturday while taking care of her five grandchildren while their mother worked.

Dr. Dan and Catherine enjoyed the smiling children that came through their stations today; their smiles were infectious and carried such a positive attitude throughout the medical clinic. Sarah also enjoyed the children in this community; she was greeted with numerous hugs and surrounded by infectious laughter.

Our evening at the Barnabas house was one of celebration, for a very special person's birthday, *cough *cough Susan, and of celebration of life by dedicating a spot with yellow roses in the Friends of Barnabas Garden for Susan's late mother.

Many team members experienced intense emotions at the end of our clinic day and during our nightly debrief/devotion time. During this time, Norma shared a wonderful sentiment that can carry each of us through times of hardship: "Whenever you are crying, look up and you know He is up there and will help you get through." Karen shared with the group her excitement for serving the Lord on future trips with Friends of Barnabas which brought much needed smiles all around the table.

Reflecting on a favorite verse of a popular Christian contemporary song, "So Father, give me the strength to be everything that I'm called to be" we have only Him to thank for carrying us through this emotional and rewarding week and feel extremely blessed to have been able to serve the people of Honduras together.

~Muchas Manos Team

Susan Streigler - Team Leader

Patti Wagner - Team Leader

Catherine Roberts

Perrine Jackson

Karen Fish

Sarah Ott

Daniel Myers

Courtney Batten

Dan Weaver

Emberli Little

Norma Tansey

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