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Keidy's Commitment

Dear Friends,

I'd like you to meet an incredible person. Keidy is our community health volunteer in El Cedral. She is responsible for the Barnabas Medicine Box in the community and is trained in simple health care measures.

Tragically, Keidy lost her home in a landslide last month during the hurricanes. She only had minutes of warning to take her most valued possessions and evacuate. Incredibly, we have learned that El Cedral's Barnabas Medicine Box was among those most valued possessions that she took with her.

Keidy and her daughters are currently living at her mother's home. She is still treating community members with the training and medications she received through the Project. We are in awe of Keidy's dedication to the health of her community. Our staff was in tears as we received this update.

The picture below of the Barnabas Medicine Box sitting on a concrete step is Keidy's medicine box. The picture was taken when we first delivered it back in September. Her home is in the background. Sadly, the photo accompanying it shows the area now, where Keidy's home once stood.

We are making inquiries now with partner organizations in order to find the best way to assist Keidy and her family as they prepare for the future.

The photo below is from last week when Dra. Moncada and Lilian went to visit Keidy at her mother's home. They wanted to check on her and also brought her medications to refill the Barnabas Medicine Box. They also reviewed the cases she had treated.

We are committed to serving Keidy and her community. We appreciate your prayers and support.

May we all be inspired by Keidy's commitment and devotion to her community.


Erin H. Caldwell, President

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