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Joy Brigade is in Honduras!

Saturday, August 12, 2023

The twelve-member Joy Brigade team arrived safely in Honduras today. Coming from a few different locations, we all joined up in Miami to begin our week of ministry to the communities we will be so blessed to serve. Some of us are returning team members, and a few in the group are here for the first time.

Bonds are being created, and we are already seeing God at work. (It is definitely a God thing when someone accidentally leaves their phone at the airport in Honduras, discovers it missing when we’re already 20 miles away, and then despite the most unlikely of odds, is able to get it back!)

We’ve also felt the love and prayers by so many back home. Thank you for all your support, and for the prayers that we know will continue. We’re looking forward to sharing many stories and blessings this week!

(Note: we take Jesus with us in more ways than one. Our friend “Flat Jesus” helped to guide us on the plane today, and he assisted Geovanny driving the truck through San Pedro Sula back to The Friends of Barnabas compound. Watch the blog for more of his adventures this week!)

~Frances Rogers

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