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Honduran Laughter is the Best Medicine

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Our Honduran adventures thus far have been helpful, unexpected, and varied. There is no way to ever fully capture all the stories of community engagement, improvement to children’s wellbeing, or health education.

Ernest Hemingway has been attributed to creating six-word stories, attempting to summarize experiences of life. Following his example, below are our team’s stories of today: Wellness bag. Stiff bag. New bag. Silly is the new dizzy-spinning. Mission? Yes. Best impulse answer ever. Healthy babies. Aching backs. Grateful mothers. Mission trip. Hard work. Full heart. Suspicious eyes. Walk away. Not me. Honduran laughter is the best medicine. Long table. Delicious meals. New friends. Frightened child. Exam complete. Shy smile. Woke up to great smells. Yay! Short day. Mint lemonade. Good company. Rolling mountains take my breath away. Never ending wait. Macchiato delicioso. Awake! Bumpy roads. Steep turns. Amazing driver. Honduran interpreters. Young medical students. Gracias.

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