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Helping La Masica get Online

Earlier this year, while one of our Mountain Medical Teams was out in a community, they noticed a bunch of nice computers sitting in a classroom unused. A volunteer asked the community leader why the computers were not set up. The community leader explained that the dream for the school was to change it from a 1st-6th grade school to a 7th-9th grade school, rare for the area. They had received the generous donation of equipment from an organization in Spain; however, the computers needed to be updated with new software.

Our staff and some special FOB friends got word of this and made plans to help. Sadly, the pandemic led the community to a strict lockdown for several months, not allowing anyone from outside the community to enter.

After a long wait, we are excited to report that this community, La Masica, has a functioning computer lab! Last week, we were able to send our friend, former Inventory Coordinator and computer whiz Joel Chavez, to set up the computers.

We love being able to help out our communities in these out of the ordinary ways when we can.

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