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Enchantment & Preparation

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Day two in Honduras was one of enchantment and preparation and what a combination it was! The day began with many of the team members waking with the sun to sip coffee on the veranda and converse, followed by homemade pupusa for breakfast made by Albita and Miriam.

Shortly thereafter, our team headed to one of God’s natural beauties in Honduras, Pulhapanzak Falls on the Rio Blanco. The mist felt at the base of the 141-foot waterfall was refreshing not only to the body, but also to the soul. It was easy to pause for a moment, realize just how small we are and be overwhelmed with gratitude. Double rainbows hung low over the water, and it felt as if God was blessing us directly.

After this morning outing, the Harrisonburg team arrived home to find another fantastic meal for lunch. We stuffed our bellies and got to the real work of counting, separating, packaging and labeling medications in anticipation for our clinic days this week. We divided and concurred as a team and were able to separate shoes, medications, and other supplies for families within just a few hours. However, business wasn’t over and we swiftly shifted gears into electronic medical record training on the ipads for the week led by Fernando. As a treat for listening (somewhat) attentively and completing our training, our group had an exquisite dinner at a local restaurant. Through each of the day’s group efforts, we each got to know one another a little more and got excited for the impact we will make this week. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Many blessings,

The Harrisonburg Team

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