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En Sus Pasos Serves El Chaguiton

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

“I arise today through the strength of heaven. . . I arise today through God's strength to pilot me. God's eye to look before me; God's wisdom to guide me; God's way to lie before me; God's shield to protect me. . . Christ with me; Christ before me; Christ behind me; Christ in me; Christ beneath me; Christ above me; Christ on my right, Christ on my left; Christ when I lie down; Christ when I sit down; Christ when I arise; Christ to shield me. . .”

We begin each clinic day by listening to “The Deer’s Cry.” The serene sounds of the music and the reassuring lyrics help us center ourselves as we prepare for a busy day of serving many families. The song reminds us that God goes not just with, but also before us to pave the way for every situation and every unexpected challenge.

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Today we visited El Chaguiton, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortes. The community of 200 residents, who make up 95 families living in 88 homes. The journey was a bit eventful. Due to recent heavy rains, we came to a section of road that had washed away overnight. After careful investigation from all sides, our crew decided it was safe to proceed. Geovanny skillfully and very cautiously navigated our bus across the area. Geovanny is our rock star driver!

We also had to stop for a few minutes to allow a very large herd of cattle to cross the road. Then a few horses, and then a group of guinea hens. . . The new team members got to experience their first “Honduras traffic jam.”

Like yesterday’s community, this one is completing its formal participation in the Friends of Barnabas Community Development Program. During this time of comprehensive education and support, these families have become much more knowledgeable about taking care of themselves and their loved ones. Even the schoolchildren get in on the act – one group of students sells snacks to raise funds for school repairs and updates. This commitment to continued better health and education is what the Friends of Barnabas mission is all about.

Once again, today was filled with amazing stories. Charles interacted with a very friendly and feisty 90-year-old great-grandfather. He admired Charles’ agape cross, and Charles felt led to offer it to him. It turned out that the gentleman was wearing a cross of his own. It gave them something in common, and Charles did give him the cross. It was a special moment for them both.

Megan was particularly moved by a boy who came to clinic with his family. Even though he is quite young himself, he took great care of his younger brothers – helping them stand up straight when they were being weighed and measured, for example. At the end of the day, he asked Megan if he could help us pack up the bus. She gave him a lightweight duffel bag, and he gave her his partially eaten pack of snack crackers. Megan assumed the boy wanted her to hold them while he carried the bag, but he pointed at her, saying that he wanted her to eat them. What a gift from such a young heart!

Keeley gave a prayer square to a lady who needed special encouragement and prayers. She is dealing with an infection, arthritis pain and severe headaches. Keeley suggested she go to the Health Center for further evaluation and care, but the woman hesitated because of cost to get there, the cost of care, and her many responsibilities taking care of her children and grandchildren. We will continue to lift her in prayer, hoping that a path with more options opens up for her.

Scott gave his agape cross to a little girl in a bright red dress who came to the dental clinic. He could tell that she was very afraid to receive her fluoride treatment. Their eyes met, and he tried to convey a silent message that everything would be all right. It seemed to quiet her spirit, and she took her treatment with no problem.

We saw 143 patients today. We continue to be amazed and deeply touched by what we see. Kirsten remarked at how everyone is so patient and pleasant while they wait to be seen at each station. As she observed, they don’t have the same opportunity that most of us have when it comes to our healthcare. If we have a painful tooth or a cold, we can typically see a dentist or doctor within a few days by making a simple phone call. It’s difficult for us to truly understand how these lovely people depend on their twice-annual visits with a Mountain Medical Team.

Our team continues to bond over shared experiences each new day. Working together as a family, leaning on the strength that only comes from God, allows us to serve the communities and each other with love and grace.

~ The En Sus Pasos team “In His Steps”

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