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El Zapote Gualala

September 26, 2023

God was working overtime in the hearts of our team today. Yesterday, we were given crosses to be handed out to individuals that touched our spirit in a special way or presented a “God moment” to us. Today, three of those crosses were handed out in the village of El Zapote Gualala, Santa Barbara, and each cross had a unique tale.

The story that moved me in particular was told by Blaine, about a young boy who sort of latched onto him in the most precious way. Although there was a language barrier, they seemed to understand each other on a deeper level. This boy began helping Blaine in the de-worming station and even encouraging children that were somewhat anxious to comply to follow directions that would ultimately improve their health significantly. This boy was making an impression not only in Blaine’s life but also in his community by serving as a bridge for communication, an example of God working through him. As it turns out, this sweet child also had hopes of becoming a police officer one day, much like his new found friend in our group had thought he would be when he was small.

Isn’t it miraculous the way God reminds us that we are all just brothers and sisters in Him? No matter our color, size, creed, age or economic status, He loves us all the same. There is no barrier strong enough to divide us children of God in these mountains. Watching Joseph and Blaine playing “futbal” with the kids in the village on my lunch break today, I felt like I was right down the road from my home instead of 1,600 miles away.

After another tasty dinner prepared by Albita and Miriam, team member, Yolanda, led us in a devotional. The message was in respect to “sharpening our ax” or sharpening our spiritual lives in rest, reflection and prayer. In other words, working with a “dull ax” requires far more energy, but when we are sharp in our temperament and trust in God, we are able to overcome the toughest of obstacles without becoming weary. To finish out this picture-perfect day, John played the guitar at our large dinner table and sang along to a few classic praise songs with the group. These small deeds have served to sharpen us as a team. Each evening I sit at that table and ruminate on the wisdom and passion I am surrounded by and that has been a “God moment” in itself for me.

Many blessings,

Savannah & The Harrisonburg Team

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