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El Zapote

Tuesday, April 25th

Gorgeous day, not as hot! We left around 7am after breakfast for the next mountain community called El Zapote, which is named after a fruit in the sapodilla family. This is a farming community with very beautiful surroundings but a steep drive up on narrow, uneven dirt roads.

These were some of the highlights and moments shared:

Dr. Charlie was able to help many people again with chiropractic care. There were several people who had reductions or eliminations in pain such as a man who worked with a machete all day and another who had reduced range of motion in his shoulder from a fall which was restored.

Nurse Martha made several referrals for children. One with an abnormal head circumference, and two others that were below physical growth. Chris gave reading glasses, sunglasses, and assisted in the clinic. Carlos shared how much he enjoyed the happiness of a five-year-old boy who was so bubbly and full of life. He loved hugging people.

Maggie and Bessie cared for an 18-month-old child who Maggie referred to Dr. Pedro. The baby was treated for pneumonia and responded well while she was there. They also prayed with a woman who was experiencing depression who left with a smile.

The dental clinic stayed busy today as well as yesterday with Dr. Ondina and Dr. Bo helping a lot of people, mostly children, with dental needs. There is not enough time in the day to do all that could be done, so they have to use their best judgement. The need is great, and the people appreciate the help. There is a lot of tooth decay that hopefully the fluoride and health education will improve.

The children enjoyed playing and being around Landon, who played ball with them. They seemed to be livelier with him as well, having someone new to kick the ball around with.

We enjoyed our day together laughing alongside everyone from the village.

We concluded our day with a story from John who became a missionary about 30 years ago. He heard a call from God and finally responded after talking with a number of people in the field. His story was inspiring, and we appreciate his help interpreting this week in Honduras.

~Katherine, Hampton Roads Team

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