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Connections in El Caliche

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

Today the Trinity Team visited El Caliche. Roger Jr gave his cross to a young, 14-year-old girl who is expecting. She reminded him of his two daughters.

Scribes for several of the medical practitioners proved useful. Chris and Paul were very helpful in searching for additional work. Kristen gave her cross to a young lady that had been attacked by her ex-husband with a machete. Mark gave his hat to a lady that worked in the fields and could not afford to buy one. She was elated.

The patients in this village were all indigenous (native to the country vs. being descendants of Spanish conquistadors).

Dr. Mark Shreve’s first patients of the day were twin 93 year old brothers, and they were very friendly and nice. We tried open-air medical stations today which worked well. More breeze and less noise made it easier to hear.

Dr. Moncada diagnosed a patient with Pterygium (surfers' eye). Pterygium is a growth over the cornea of the eye that impacts vision.

Wendy had a playful child that really wanted her cross and so she gave it to her. The medical practitioners gave away 3 baby slings.

God bless,

Roger Hart Jr

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