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Children's Day

Friday, September 8, 2023

“Love is my essence. I love you as you are, for simply being. My love deepens for you as you submit yourself more to Me, but it is not conditional on that. Often you worry and fear My anger, but today, I want you to hope and rejoice in My love for you. I want you to practice looking for the evidence of My love for you throughout your day. Find Me in the simple, the mundane, the exciting and the miraculous. My Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness flow freely to you, you have access to as much of it as you have faith to receive.”

Today’s community was very close, and from a health perspective had the greatest need. Hypertension was rampant and there was poor dental hygiene, as children from age 5 had a mouthful of decayed teeth. The people were very grateful for us being there and the children were very happy!

Dawn gave her cross to a new young mom who had a 5-month-old with a heart condition. The mom was worried about her child and expressed her concerns to Dawn. The mother was tearful and appreciated the cross and the opportunity to express her concerns. John gave his cross to Dr. Ondina (the dentist). He felt she was patient, calm, kind and understanding as she worked with the children.

In Honduras today is known as ‘El Dia De Los Ninos’ (Children's Day). In celebration, the team brought a Mickey Mouse piñata filled with treats. The children enjoyed taking turns hitting it until it broke, and all the treats were expelled!

The new team members went to the waterfalls and enjoyed the zip line. The evening ended with a team dinner out and a devotional by Nareesa.

The Dinwiddie Team

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