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Buena Vista

Monday, September 4, 2023

Today we went to Buena Vista, Rio Bonito Community. Overall today was a long day with some opportunities for improvement. Billy had an excellent experience in clinic and said that God placed him where He knew he would serve the best. Billy spent the day in the fluoride clinic working with children up to the age of 12. He commented on the amazing job of our bus driver on the mountain trails up to Buena Vista. He now has new tricks for driving the church bus!

Joseph spent the day in weights and measures. He commented on the patience that people exercised awaiting their turn, and said it was a testimony of the needs of this community. Jacob and Jenna Lynn were both in the medical clinic today. They met another set of fraternal twins who were in clinic to be seen.

Dawn thoughtfully brought a battery-operated bubble machine which was the highlight of the day for the kids. It entertained them for several hours.

Lots of ‘chunky’ and happy babies were seen and enjoyed by all the team members. Overall, the general health of the community was better than expected.

After dinner, Nareesa did the devotional. “Let go of your attachments…..Whether I cause it to remain or be replaced your trust demonstrates that you love Me more and I will reward you for that. Today, release your attachments in faith and hope.”

The Dinwiddie Team

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