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Bittersweet Goodbye

5:00AM. The *extremely repetitive* chirping birds awoke. The sun rose as the clouds feathered throughout the mountains beyond us. we enjoyed the view sipping on our morning coffee swinging back and forth on the hammocks outside. Breakfast was, to no surprise, devoured within minutes. Then-we were off. It was our last day, and we were heading into a new community that FOB has bever seen before. We made sure not to set any expectations and continue forth with enthusiasm and the love of Christ.

It was a success. The community was filled with laughter and smiles. Families upon families marched in with grateful hearts. Dr. Sundee, Dr. Mary Hannah, Dr. Joan, Dr. Erica, and Dr. Lauren tended to these families' needs when it came to finding solutions to unsolved health concerns. Dr. Rupa made sure their blood pressure was on point. Dr. Myra measured and weighed the purely beautiful children. Dr. Katie and Dr. Becca made sure their teeth were clean and shiny. Dr. Abigail was Clinic Santa (aka pill bag maker/deliverer) unless she was too busy working at her nail salon, which was a huge success in her book, and she hopes for all the children's books too that left with big smiles and fresh sets of nails.

2:00PM. We finished early. Our last community, our last day. It was bittersweet. We missed our beds, but we know we are going to miss these wonderful people and this ethereal scenery (shoutout mother earth!). The team said their goodbyes to the incredibly helpful and intelligent translators and then we were running into the showers to clean up for our dinner outing to spend one last night together before we headed back to reality, back to our bubbles of life with new perspectives and appreciation for all that we have been blessed with.

To whoever is reading this, thank you for tagging along our journey with us. We appreciate you and hope you got a good glimpse into the experience of a lifetime we all got to enjoy together.

Honduras, thanks for having us.

Until next time,

Abigail & the Rockbridge Team <3

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