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Agua de la Reina

Monday, May 22, 2023

As a first-time participant with a Mountain Medical Team, today I realized why we are called this. Our journey took us up and over several steep mountains and into the heart of a mountain community called Agua de la Reina. Families arrived via horse, motorcycle, pickup trucks and on foot. Our families ranged from newborns to grandparents, from couples to large families with many children.

FOBF has an impressive technical service called Backpack EMR. This allows all clinic areas to communicate with each other and affords continuity of care for the patients. As with most technology there can be hiccups yet with the level of cell and service, I found backpack EMR to be amazing.

Many of the team members on Muchos Manos are new to mission work and new to Honduras, with some of us returning to serve again. We all had positive and profound interactions with the members of this community. From the children that were hesitant to interact with us, whose smile lit up the room after receiving a sticker from Dr. Dan, to the adults and grandparents who received much needed support from team members they interacted with. The gentleman who received a new pair of glasses was all smiles to see his world with clarity again. Many community members left the chiropractic station with smiles and thanks after they received an adjustment that allowed them to have a level of relief from the day-to-day aches and pains they experience. There were many fluoride treatments and dental care given to children and adults.

The medical team was very pleased with the flow of medications needed from the pharmacy, that allowed for a smooth progress through each family.

We returned "home" to Alfredo's House tired and hungry but well by God, and our wonderful cooks, Karen and Albita! So off to bed we go, to rest up and prepare for our day tomorrow.

Muchos Manos Team

Susan Streigler - Team Leader

Patti Wagner - Team Leader

Catherine Roberts

Perrine Jackson

Karen Fish

Sarah Ott

Daniel Myers

Courtney Batten

Dan Weaver

Emberli Little

Norma Tansey

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