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40 STABLE Certifications!

It is truly humbling to see the strides that have been made in neonatal care in Honduras. Today, we awarded 40 students a STABLE course certification. This brings us just shy of 100 nurses, doctors and paramedics who are now certified. Not only that, but 21 of those 40 continued on in the afternoon to participate in and pass the first Neonatal Resuscitation Course in the San Pedro Sula area. There was such pride on so many faces!

During the morning coffee break, Patti Wagner, FOB Medical Director, met with 19 doctors and nurses who stated they wished to become STABLE course instructors. Additionally, 6 doctors and nurses volunteered to begin collecting data to assist in proving the effectiveness of the course curriculum and how it changes patient outcome. This is a testament to the power of knowledge.

There is a shift happening in neonatal care in Honduras. You can feel it. Doctors and nurses want to understand how to work more closely and effectively as a team. They see the benefits this will have for their tiny patients. They know these changes will affect generations.

A heartfelt thank you to our team!! Arun James, RT, Diane Youmans, Heather Wyrick and Jennifer Butler, STABLE instructors are each a wealth of knowledge and have a passion for what they do. Thank you also to the Rotary Club of Farmville and the Merendon Rotary Club for the honor trusting FOB with the implementation of the Rotary Grant.

Thank you to Sue Carter for representing Rotary's passion and commitment to service.

Most of all, thank you to our Honduran STABLE instructors who worked through every obstacle and challenge that came their way.

The team flies home tomorrow with full hearts. Prayers for safe travels are welcome!

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