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This Week at Barnabas House, Education

Dear Friends,

We hope you and your families are doing well.

We continue to be blessed and are COVID free in all 30 of our partner communities.

Our communities are continuing to receive weekly health education via Whatsapp in the form of videos, fliers, devotionals, and conversations with our staff.

Topics include:

  • proper hand washing

  • how to make hand sanitizer

  • how to make and clean facial coverings

  • signs and symptoms of COVID (adult and pediatric)

  • how to make re-hydration fluids

  • pediatric growth and development topics

  • basic developmental stimulation methods for infants

  • how to explain COVID to children

  • ways to use Moringa for added nutrition

  • precautions to take when leaving your home

  • why COVID testing is important

  • hypertension in pregnancy

  • how to treat a fever Plans are underway to do small group discussions via Whatsapp. We have posted several of these video trainings on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in watching, please click here:

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