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Team Dinwiddie Visits El Sauce

Monday, November 4th, 2019

Monday morning began with an hour-long bus ride to the village of El Sauce San Luis, located in the municipality of Santa Barbara. The trip along the narrow mountain roads was bumpy and even a bit unnerving at times.

Our time was spent on our morning devotional and discussions about natural remedies that we could recommend for when the medications we gave the patients ran out. We are trying to educate the patients on the best ways to care for themselves in between visits. The team was nervous about adapting to new systems, and worried that we may not have enough time with each family. More time than before was focused on assessing the needs of the individual and on educating the families on maintaining health and promoting wellness.

Numerous stations were set up to include vision, dental and general health clinics. Once everything was set up and the first patients were seen, the team hit the ground running and the day went smoothly. The children we encountered seemed teeming with energy and excitement and many smiles were exchanged.

The patient population ranged from 16 days old to 86 years old. At the start and end of the day, the community pulled together to aide us in unloading and loading the many trunks we carried with supplies. Our goodbyes were bittersweet as this is the last visit Friends of Barnabas will set up clinic in this community. After four years it is evident the impact that this foundation has had on the improved health and even well being of these families. In review of the day’s event, each member could agree how well we worked as a team, and how thankful we were for our Honduran colleagues. Jessica was excited to having found a new friend in the woman to who she gave her wooden cross. The woman told Jessica “I won’t see you again here, but I will see you again in heaven.”

~Crysta Cozelos & Elizabeth Niernam

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