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Early Childhood Development Training

Saturday, August 17th, 2019

On Saturday, August 17th the FOB staff in Honduras hosted an all day training for 10 of our community leaders. This training was presented by Dra. Sandra Corletto, Dra. Esther Hidalgo and Dra. Karla Ortiz, all specialists in growth and development and pediatric rehabilitation.

Our community leaders learned about the importance of early childhood stimulation, normal growth and development, and how to monitor and screen growth and development in children ages birth to 3 years of age. The goal of this training was to involve more of our communities in the Early Childhood Development Program, preparing them to perform age appropriate developmental screenings in the communities.

Our staff members, who have young children of their own, participated in the demonstration portion of the day. Our goal with this event is to have 5 communities committed to screening their children on a regular basis, helping us identify delayed development before it becomes a problem, and getting children into therapy in a timely fashion.

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