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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A key is an explanatory list of symbols or words used in a map, language and even on a mission trip.

Today we visited El Obo, Santa Cruz de Yojoa. Drew observed that because this community was smaller it was easier to connect with the kids. Soccer balls, frisbees, bubbles, books and jump ropes are a universal language of fun and friends.

Alexia has been a dedicated translator for Sara in the medical clinic. Alexia and Sarah were providing nutrition education for a family when Alexia had a brainstorm. She drew the MyPlate symbol and explained it to the family. The father responded, “We can do that!”

Blakely our Physicians Assistant has been a key for all of our successes as she provides consults for our challenging clients. She enjoyed caring for a set of adorable brother-sister twins.

El Obo is a “sister community” for Grace Lutheran Church Chester VA. Members of Grace have been supporting FOBF missions for many years with prayer and resource support. Larry and Remmie (members of Grace) worked with Otoniel and Geovany, new FOB employees, to provide vision screens. Using the information from the refractory the ‘eye guys’ follow the key and select the correct glasses for the client.

Kristi began her FOBF journey as a student. This year she returned as an RN. Kristi had a heartwarming moment when she read the key to a pregnancy test that confirmed a pregnancy and brought a smile to the woman’s face.

We ended our day visiting a family in their home. This large multi-generation family had very little in the way of material things but they glowed with love for each other.

Honduras is holding its 42nd annual Marathon in June. Many FOBF staff members are running in the race. They are all excited to be a part of this event-please keep them in prayer!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

A key is the keyhole-shaped area marked on the basketball court near each basket. Players often score from the key. Team Chesterfield had so many opportunities to “score” on our visit to El Sauce San Luis, Santa Barbara.

We boarded the bus with homemade donuts (thank you Virginia & Albita!) in our packs and climbed steadily for over an hour. We stepped off the bus into a community nestled near the top of the mountain. The temperature was considerable cooler and we could almost touch the clouds. Score!

El Sauce is a coffee community. Everyone is involved with growing and picking coffee. Their coffee has won the “Cup of Excellence” at International Coffee Competitions. We were welcomed with a big percolator full of smooth rich coffee that kept us fueled all day. Score!

Robin, Sarah, Beth, Blakely, Kristi & Janet have become skilled at providing care for the members of the community. If one of the nurses/PAs finds a challenging issue the others jump in to help. And we always have Dra. Moncada (our Honduran doctor) to guide us. Score!

JTCC students Joi, Joanna, Alexia, Emmalyn, Isaiah, Drew & Kelli have rotated between the dental clinic, measuring stations, vitamins and deworming and pharmacy. But their favorite part of the day is when

we break into the Fun-With-Kids-Box to play with bubbles, frisbees, jump ropes & all sorts of games. The guys have become quite skilled at painting tiny fingernails. Score!

Before Claire begins caring for teeth in the dental clinic she makes rounds encouraging everyone and snapping photos-making us all look good. Score!

Larry & Remmie have anchored the eye clinic this week. Today Larry helped identify 3 children who will receive follow-up care to improve their vision. Score!

Our work day ended in a series of rain showers. We sat under the bus port and on the balconies enjoying the sounds of the rain, sipping coffee and sharing stories with our new family. Score!

As I write, the rest of the team is gathered around the table playing “the Name Game”. You should hear the laughter. Score!!


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