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Childlike Wonder

Monday April 9, 2018

The bus ride this morning was filled with lively chatter and a mix of emotions: excitement, happiness and a nervous expectancy. The "newcomers'" questions carried an undercurrent of child-like wonder and were answered by the more experienced team members.

We served in the familiar-to-FOBF community of Dieciocho Miraflores. A lovely setting among banana plantations with a view of the lake. The day ebbed and flowed with families coming and going, clinics meeting basic medical needs, and a team of volunteers finding great satisfaction in helping others.

The children, as usual, delighted us with their big brown eyes and their rapid Spanish inquisitions as they tried to communicate things important to them. One child in particular, Darwin, hovered over the deworming/fluoride gals. He was a crowd favorite who talked non-stop to anyone who would listen. There was a moment when we saw his mother shake her head in exasperation when he refused to do as she asked.

Theresa shared about a special moment she shared with a child. After learning he couldn't read, she opened her Bible to Psalm 50 and began reading to him. She noticed after a few moments that a crowd of other children had gathered to listen as well. Praise the Lord for using a beautiful psalm of praise to produce a song of praise on a mountaintop.

Nury's after-dinner-you-are-family presentation, in which she welcomes everyone and speaks about the humble beginnings of the FOBF ministry, reminded us each team is a "miracle of love." And as a member of a mountain medical team, "You can almost touch God's love."

Pascuala also spent time (with her precious baby in her arms) explaining the current emphasis on improving women's health in the surrounding communities. The education she provides is only possible because of the generous support of churches and families partnering with communities in Honduras. As a result of her teaching, pregnancy, labor and post-labor care information is being properly applied and producing healthier women and babies.

Nury summed up both efforts by saying, " Mountain Medical Teams treat, Pascuala prevents."

How appropriate that our evening ended with a loud downpour outside as we caught a glimpse of God's shower of blessings inside. What we learned tonight sparked a child-like wonder in us all at the marvelous things God continues to pour forth from the FOBF ministry.

What a blessing it is to be a small part of the seeds planted, watered, and harvested for the growing of healthy lives and the glory of God.

Our team is always grateful for you, your love and prayers which carry us through each day.

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