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SOVA Team has Arrived in Honduras

We've arrived! It's been a whirlwind 36 hours of travel, kayaking and preparation for the big week ahead of us.

There are several people on our team that are first-timers. As Nury, our Honduran Director, warned-- this mission trip can be addicting. Being one of the newbies, I am struck by the warmth of the people of Honduras and the lush beauty of their homeland. We were met at the airport in San Pedro Sula by Walter (newly wed - congratulations, Walter!) in FOB's brand new van. We were the inaugural passengers! Many thanks to Steve Claxton and the Rotary Club of South Richmond, Virginia for making this possible. After a long day of travel, it was a comforting feeling to be met by our hardworking kitchen staff of Virginia and Albita, who had a homemade Honduran meal (including dessert) waiting for us upon arrival at Alfredo House. Alfredo House is a lovely two story home named after FOB's very first bus driver whose dream it was to have a relaxing dwelling for the teams to recharge after a day of service. The view from the balcony of the Honduran mountains shrouded in cloud is a sight to behold. The sounds of giggling children from the orphanage behind us and the calls of birds that I had only previously heard on the Nature Channel rounded out this amazing location. Spectacular.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to go kayaking before our work began. Prior to leaving, we were humbled by a handmade gift of wooden cross necklaces made by Kristy and John David's father, Johnny Morris. We paddled down a local tributary that opened up into Lago de Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras (30.5 sq. miles). It lies at the base of steep mountains and in a depression formed by volcanoes. Some of us were expert kayakers (Bryce and Ally!), while others of us felt fortunate not to capsize. We saw several tropical species of birds, some cows who laid in the wetlands (to stay cool we surmised?) and came upon a colony of bats in a flooded out cavernous area of the waterway.

Back at Alfredo House, we bagged almost 2,000 bags of vitamins and medicine for this week's clinics (all while singing karaoke thanks to Katie Lough!) and listening to Reverend Michael's shenanigans (much appreciation to Martha for telling me not to trust him unless he is giving devotion!). It was a joyful day.

We are excited to get out to the villages and perform the work we came here to do--to provide the much needed healthcare and medicines to these kind people and spread love and care to those in need.

Aimee Venn

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