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Team Martinsville Wraps Up Their Time in Honduras

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!!! Today was our fourth day of clinic and it was a very special one as we visited La Sorto, Otoro Intibuca for the last time with a medical brigade team. FOBF has been serving this community for the last three years with the goal of educating and helping make the community more self sufficient. The spirit of this community is amazing as the people are so friendly and appreciative for everything. Several of the veteran staff commented how awesome it was to see the progress the community has made.

A special treat were the tamales that some of the women of the community made for our lunch. How humbling to see this community taking time and resources to serve us when we are there to serve them. Several crosses were given away today, each with its own story behind it.

On our way up the mountain to the community, we were grateful to see a bulldozer smoothing the road to prepare our way. While we were grateful for the smooth ride in, this turned out to be a challenge for our drive back due to rain showers we received during the day. Needless to say the nice non-bumpy road became a mudslide. Thankfully we can always count on our amazing bus driver and team, to pull us through. With the help of some of the men of the community, he was able to successfully get the bus down the mountain while we followed on foot.

After arriving safely to Alfredo House, we reflected on the events of the week. We realized that despite some adversity, God has been faithful and seen us through and this has not stopped us from serving His people. We are so grateful for Honduras and the opportunity to be here and we prepare for tomorrow with a hopeful spirit.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Good evening everyone! Today was bittersweet as it was our last and final day as a team in Honduras and Alfredo House. We started the morning with a delicious breakfast that included our very own homemade doughnuts. Prior to heading out for the day, we were able to take one last group photo with the Honduran staff. We then headed out to El Tontol in Las Vegas Santa Barbara to set up clinic for the day.

We were once again touched by the kindness and humbleness of the community. We had to park the bus at the top of the road and walk down the hillside to get to the school. Some of the villagers were so kind to help us load and unload trucks to carry our supplies down. We were able to see so many families and again, several crosses were given away. After completing our fifth and last day of clinic, we celebrated by heading out to dinner at D&D Brewery. Most of the team ordered cheeseburgers and fries :) We also distributed coffee and jellies to take a small piece of Honduras home with us.

As the week comes to a close, we are all so amazed at how quickly it went by. We are sad to leave Alfredo House but are so excited for what the future brings for Honduras. The staff here are truly amazing and the Honduran people are so blessed to have them on their side. We are all so touched by the events of the week as we have truly seen God move in miraculous ways. Our hearts are full and our spirits are high. As we return home to our families, we will treasure the memories made this week and the friendships that will last a lifetime.

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