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Los Globos Community

Journal 5

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Day 6 took us into the Community of Los Globos which has a population of 200 people with approximately 50 families in about 40 houses. There were 268 patients seen in clinic. 216 were given vitamins, 95 were give deworming treatment, 58 were given fluoride treatment, 65 were evaluated in the eye clinic and 54 were seen in Dental. There were a total of 65 extractions, 20 referrals, and 3 were sent to the Extended Care Program.

Upon arrival the students of the school all lined up and welcomed us to their village. A few select students lead the group in prayer. Then team members went to their respective stations to get the day started.

Teri, one of the team Nurses, saw a young mother with four children who came in with a previous diagnosis of inflamed kidneys and liver dysfunction. Her chief complaint was lower back pain which was so bad that at times it brought her to tears. After assessment it was determined that she had a bad urinary tract infection. Due to her underlying conditions treatment of her infection and discomfort was difficult. During this process the patient confided in Teri regarding her discomfort and the patient began crying. She was too embarrassed to leave the clinic and let the other members of her community see that she had been crying. So Teri sat with her and gave her her cross. She hugged and comforted her. In the end she received treatment for her infection and was shown the support and love around her.

Anya, also one of the team nurses, had a 40 year old female who had come to the clinic needing more of her diabetic medications. She had walked several kilometers to get to the clinic and was patiently waiting in line to be seen. When Anya took her blood sugar level it read 51, which was very low. The patient had not eaten breakfast but had taken her morning diabetic medication. So several members of the team searched for food and juice for her to eat to bring her sugar back up to a normal level. While waiting for her blood sugar to be rechecked Anya was chatting with her patient and playing with her child. This additional time gave Anya the chance to shower the patient and her son with love. Her son ended up asking for Anya’s cross and she very willingly draped it around his neck.

Overall it was a good day.

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