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A Busy Day at Planes del Picacho

Journal 3

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Day 4: Rockbridge Medical Team

This morning we had breakfast with the entire team and went through a series of introductions regarding everyone’s roles within the Alfredo house and roles within the medical team. We ate a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs, beans, and pineapple. Then we all piled into respective vehicles and headed to the community of Planes Del Picacho.

This community has a population of 400 inhabitants living in approximately 90 houses. Only 60 of these houses have outdoor latrines. Electricity is very limited and is primarily in the schools. Upon arriving we were again greeted by the community members although there were more children than the prior day. We saw 269 patients, 208 were given vitamins, 96 were given deworming treatment, 56 were given fluoride treatments, 41 were evaluated in the eye clinic, and 35 were evaluated in dental. There were 43 extractions, 11 referrals, and 3 that were sent the Extended Care Program.

After a busy and exhausting day we packed up our supplies and boarded the bus to head home. A dinner of fried chicken, potatoes, veggies, tomatoes, and rolls was consumed and completely hit the spot. We then reviewed, decompressed, and laughed at telling our individual stories from the day. Today was a little more challenging and exhausting but entirely worth it. We are looking forward to what tomorrow brings us.

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