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A Full Day

Journal 2

We woke up this morning to the smell of Honduran coffee. After a wonderful breakfast, we drove to the Villa Finca Santa Martha, a cacao farm, and we were told all about the growth, harvesting and processing of the Honduran cocoa bean. Much of the local bean harvest is exported to Switzerland and used in their fine chocolates.

We were treated to sampling some of the local products including soap and lotions made from cacao and also tried cacao chips, jelly, tea and wine. The best part was the sampling of delicious hot chocolate. We hiked up the mountain to a Lenca ceremonial mound that dates back to 500 BC that was shaped as a star with beautiful views of the mountains, fields and lake.

After a stop at the local grocery store to pick up snacks for the week, we had lunch at Las Glorias on Lake Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras with spectacular water and mountain views.

We returned to Alfredo House for the usual Sunday afternoon activities of counting and packaging pills to be distributed throughout the week. This is always a bonding time for the team as we work and laugh as we complete our task. Phyllis took a group on the carport and organized donated items for babies, children and adults that will give countless blessings to Honduran families. It is a joy to see a child get a new pair of flip flops, or a mother receiving a new cloth diaper and pins for her baby. We can do this through the generous donations of our friends and families.

Our team leader, Phyllis Fisher, did our nightly devotion which included a foot washing service. We were reminded that servanthood is “washing feet,” whether we physically wash someone's feet, offer a hug, or give deworming medicine to a child. Whenever we show the love of Christ to someone, we are washing feet. The local minister and his family shared our service with music and communion.

It has been a good day.... and now, our much anticipated week of serving the people of Honduras begins tomorrow, and we pray for God's grace to encourage and guide us and those we serve.

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