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New Friends, a New Team


Our day started ominously as we traveled to the airport in the rain. We met up with the rest of our team when we arrived at Dulles Airport. As we were checking in Karen ran into a snag. Her ticket had been issued under her maiden name and all of her paperwork was in her married name. The rest of the team checked in and went through security. The airline staff worked tirelessly to resolve the situation.

Karen was able to get a copy of her old passport emailed to the airline and she was able to make the flight with very little time to spare.

The flight went well and we arrived in Honduras to be met by Marco, the FOB driver. During the flight and bus ride, team members took time to get to know each other, since our team is made up of people from all over. Many of us were meeting each other in person for the first time!

FOB Assistant Director Lidia met us at the Barnabas House. We had a wonderful meal and shared a short devotion to set the tone for the week.

We are looking forward to a week of being blessed and spreading love and grace to those we meet.

~ Gary Lucas


Waking up to the familiar smells of breakfast being made at Alfredo's House and feeling a little more blessed than the day before is how Day 2 began for us all.

After breakfast we headed out for our trip to Cataratas de Pulhapanzak, known for the beautiful waterfall and zip-lining adventures. We made some memories, captured some great pictures then off for a quick trip to the market.

Once we got back to the Barnabas House it was time for separating, counting and bagging all the medications we will need for the upcoming five days. We had an assembly line, each person with a specific job, making the process much more efficient.

It was amazing to see a group of people come together and work so well as a team in such a short amount of time. Having a small break before dinner plans at the D&D Brewery (one of my favorites!), a quaint little place where the atmosphere is cozy, the food is delicious, and there is service with a smile!

Today was a great day filled with lots of laughter, forming new friendships while reminiscing about memories from past trips with old friends and knowing that this will all stay forever in our hearts...we can't wait for Day 3!!

~ Elizabeth Powell

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