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All Is Well

Community Health Development

Education Team - Midwife Training

Our morning began with clear skies and a perfect view of the Santa Barbara Mountain. At 7 am, young pregnant women could already be seen making their way up the driveway to the Barnabas House. Dr. Joe spent the day doing fetal ultrasounds on 16 mothers.

Two of the women were in fact not pregnant, but had symptoms of pregnancy. Not having access to an ultrasound, or having pregnancy tests done, these had never been confirmed. Dr. Joe felt one of these women had endometriosis, which may cause some of those symptoms. But the condition also makes it very difficult for the woman to conceive. Another woman and her husband were anxious to hear that their baby was doing well. She had miscarried twice before, and was overjoyed to hear that her little one was doing well.

It was always fun to find out and announce whether the babies were boys or girls. Well…one mother really wanted a girl. She already had 3 boys. It was another boy. The most reassuring thing was to know (and see) that each baby was developing normally.

The day ended with a torrential downpour, symbolic of the blessings that God has poured out on us in this day. It also ended with us feeling the tremors of the earthquake that hit in nearby Nicaragua. Honduras is always nature at its best!

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