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So Much In Common

Danville, Virginia Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Saturday - Travel Day!

Team 4 has arrived!

Friends of Barnabas teams come in all shapes and sizes and ours is no exception.

After a team leader has been chosen, team members begin to sign-up for the experience of a lifetime. Our team leader, Scott Williams, has worked tirelessly on recruitment, communication, paperwork, and various other duties that one assumes in his position. After months of planning, Scott experienced a medical setback that caused us all to wonder whether or not he would be with us this week.

Following much prayer and trust in God for His perfect plan, Scott will be joining our team on Sunday. We are so grateful for all he has done to put everything into action. Because of his later arrival, Dr. Judy graciously led us today through all of the twists and turns that it takes to accomplish the monumental feat of moving so many people and their belongings through several cities and several airports.

Our team this week is quite the collection of people. In addition to our Danville folks, we are spending the week with Janet and Anna from Montana (their second time with us), Xiao-Xiao (pronounced Shou-Shou) who is a medical student from Texas who discovered FOBF through an internet search on dermatologists/missions. She read an article about Dr. Judy and signed up to come without even knowing that Dr. Judy would be on the trip. What a pleasant surprise for both of them. Two Canadians are joining us, Nancy and Sabrina, recruited by Ronnie Dillon at a Honduran eatery. We are so excited to get to know these people who have been hand-picked by our amazing God to be with us.

Following our evening meal tonight, each person had a chance to share what they are hoping to experience this week by both giving to the Hondurans and by what the wonderful people of Honduras will give to us. We already share so much in common by wanting to invest in the lives of others who have so little but who are able to enrich our lives so much more.

We would all appreciate prayers for rest and refreshment in preparation for the busy week ahead.

Blessings to all of you,

Susan Crews Team Journalist

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