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Showers of Kindness

Danville, Virginia Mountain Medical Team

eJournal - Monday

An eager team got to work quickly on a cold and rainy Monday. The sound of rain on a tin roof, the laughter of children, and the chatter of friends and families of the Buenos Aires community filled the air. Throughout the day, various health issues were discussed and treated, dental and eye exams given and vitamins, deworming and fluoride treatments dispensed.

Although our desire is to bring health care to the needy, often this can take a backseat to the soul care that is more pressing. Dispensing love and kindness can be more important than dispensing Tylenol and Tums. And sometimes it is the villagers who dispense the love and kindness to us.

An example of this happened today as a village woman gave handmade baskets to Dr. Judy, Nancy, and Janet. She showered love and gratitude to those who came to offer her help. How humbling it can be to be the recipient of the kindness of strangers. And yet, this is exactly what happens as we enter into these villages as strangers wanting to extend kindness and so often leave as the recipients.

Another special moment that happened today involves our beloved tradition of giving away a cross necklace to someone special we may meet. Sylvia gave hers today to a brave little girl in the dental clinic. She contained her crying until she left the clinic. Her bravery touched Sylvia so much it moved her to offer her a token of love-the cross of Christ. May this precious little one come to fully understand that clinging to the cross will give her all the courage she will ever need to face the difficulties of life.

We closed our day with Deedee's devotion taken from Luke 24. She shared Linwood Cook's (FOBF founder) thoughts about Jesus' teachings on the road to Emmaus and how Jesus cared deeply for every person that He met. We were challenged to do the same while we are here this week.

Showering people with the same love and grace and forgiveness and kindness that has been showered on us is life-changing! When we pour out what has been poured into our hearts, others will be swept away in the flood, moving along with the flow of doing good for others.

Prayers for our work tomorrow will the greatest contribution you could give to our team. We are becoming good friends and that helps with a good work flow. Please pray for the Honduran lives that we will encounter. May they see the love of Christ poured out on them and feel swept along in the current of what God is doing in their community and their country.

Blessings to all,

Susan Crews

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