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November 30, 2015

The morning started with a wonderful breakfast of omelets, spicy sausage, hot coffee and pineapple juice.

Lots of progress was made today! The wall on the right side of the guard house was completed. Concrete was poured and cider blocks are going up on the left side. All the metal poles to hold the fence are in the ground.

As for the bathroom at the clinic, all the framing is completed and the roof is on, still lots to do there tomorrow. The ladies had projects indoors and down in the bodega.

We have had 3 God moments today. Yesterday at the hardware store David met the stepfather of young boy who has several medical issues including irregular heartbeat, puffy eyes and no energy. David told the man about the clinic here. Today the boy's mother came to FOBF clinic. We are praying for a referral to the hospital in San Pedro Sula.

On Sunday, when we dined at the D & D, we met a man who was concerned about an elderly woman whose eye is inflamed and painful; today they also visited the clinic.

And late this afternoon as we were headed to Peña Blanca, a young mother with her baby and her mother were walking down the driveway. We stopped and offered a ride to town. The baby boy was very small and was born with a cleft palate. As we stopped to let them out, LiL put her cross over baby's head. It was such a special moment for all of us.

Dinner was good as always and devotion were given by Ann. Many retired early because it had been a long hard day.

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