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We're Ready!

Greetings once again from Mountain Medical Team 10-15!!!

We’ve had a very busy but enjoyable day filled with lots of laughter and fellowship.

Our day began with most of the team gathered around the coffee pot and then sharing a wonderful breakfast prepared by the Alfredo House staff.

The team traveled to the Puhlapanzak Waterfall and took in the beautiful scenery. Dennis Knight led devotions with the sound of the waterfall in the background. Several of the team members gathered their courage and zip-lined over the falls. Those of us with our feet planted firmly on the ground got a kick watching the “in-flight” members!!

After a delicious lunch at the Alfredo House, the team began the counting and sorting of the medications with the help of Cardy, the Inventory Coordinator. Who knew sorting medications could be so fun!! Later, we packed the bus for travel early tomorrow morning.

We then enjoyed dinner out with everyone taking a bite in between the laughing and talking.

More to follow tomorrow!!!

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