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Rain, Rain and More Rain

We're on day three of this blessed trip and the good Lord has been right here with us all the way…through all the rain we've had, through driving on very bumpy, not fit-for-vehicles roads, to once again meeting more of His loving, grateful people of Honduras.

El Cedral, Santa Barbara was our destination today. High up in the Santa Barbara Mountains, this little village has been visited before by FOB mountain medical teams. They were very efficient in setting up our clinics for us and help unload the bus. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon, we were treated to delicious home baked rolls and full bodied, superb hot coffee. Such a treat! The weather was much cooler today, making caring for our new found friends much more pleasant both for them and for us.

Several of our team gave their crosses to villagers today. Jesse gave his cross to a gentle elderly man who came to the clinic with his 8 year old daughter. Flo gave hers to the mom whose 3-year-old daughter was found to have a heart murmur and needed some reassurance. Charles gave his cross to one of the women who had asked for prayers for her village during morning devotions. One of the highlights of the mission trip for each team is to give our cross away to a villager who has touched our hearts in such a way we can share God’s love with them on a more personal level.

As we rode back to La Casa de Alfredo, every person we passed smiled and waved goodbye.

Until tomorrow when we once again are blessed with another village to visit, we will rest, thank God for the many ways He has blessed each of us, and pray for all the villagers we have seen and ministered to thus far.

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