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Reverse Mission

Reaching out with great love or joining others in great sorrow are the moments when our hearts can be changed magnificently.

Today we visited a beautiful community known as Cerro Azul. We had been warned the night prior that despite appearances, the people travelling from around the area were in great need of our help. The children living directly within the community seemed much more vibrant and joyful than any other we visited. They appeared more connected in their friendships and the adult villagers connected together more overall. However we learned quickly this day would bring us patients travelling extremely long distances, who had more need than what we had seen all week, in so many different ways.

God always has a bigger plan than what we "see" or think we might be able to anticipate in any given moment or imminent event. He has an amazing way "of showing off" when he senses we might be underestimating or HIM... Sometimes in the smallest details he manifests His artistry, but even his intricate ways can impact us in BIG Ways.

In the same way today, there were moments when it feels like business as usual, giving medicine, asking questions, handing out vitamins, etc. However unexpectedly you will discover that YOU become the patient, that the words, smile, faces and hugs you receive from the patients looking across from you, is the EXACT medicine You may have never expected or knew you needed... not anything picked up from a pharmacy, but beautifully packaged and delivered delightfully straight to the heart, from a God who is chasing you down in the details, in the most unexpected ways...

May you be blessed in the smallest details of the day by a God who loves to impress and surprise you with His glory.

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