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It didn’t take us much time to arrive at our fourth village today. We set up our supplies in a hurry to start the day. Today, four crosses were given away to those community members who touched the hearts of a team member. At this village there was a certain family that touched everyone’s hearts. Today Bill gave his cross away to a little girl in the family. Recently this family had lost their husband and dad. The older boy seemed to be watching over the family. After they told Bill what had happened, he knew he had to give his cross away to them. The little girl kept the cross for the entire family.

Daniel and Kristen decided to give their crosses to a brother and sister. The children kept coming back to Kristen and Daniel’s area to visit and hug them both. They knew the siblings really wanted a cross, and so they knew they had to give it to them.

Adam had a special experience with an older lady today who had to get three of her teeth pulled. At first you knew this woman was very frightened of the procedure. However, she was strong and brave through the entire extraction which really impressed Adam. Because of the bravery this woman showed, Adam saw clearly so he knew the cross was meant for her.

After a long day of blowing bubbles with the children popping them and painting a few fingernails, we came back home. Today was a beautiful day with many gracious people. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the last day for the team to visit a Honduran community.

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