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After traveling three hours in the bus, we arrived at our third village, El Plan Masaguara. This community was absolutely amazing with a beautiful school and people. The local villagers pitched in to help unload and the girls picked up a mop to clean and make sure the school was nice for us. At the beginning of our journey, each team member was given a cross to share with someone who touched our hearts. Overall, today was a great day with five of our team members giving away their cross necklaces. The cross represents our mission and values that we are here to serve others in the name of the Lord!

First, one of our team leaders, Doris, who gave hers away to a little boy whose name was Jonathan. Jonathan was about six and a half months old. This little one was more interested in the cross than a nap to begin with. Doris held him and she knew Jonathan had to have it. The little baby smiled and laughed continuously while in Doris’ arms.

The team’s “grandmother” Jerri, decided that an eight year old girl named Katerine had to have her cross. As Jerri was working in the eye clinic, this little girl came in to get a pair of glasses to help her read better. They fitted her with a pair of reading glasses, then she began to read a book with a glowing smile across her face. Jerri knew she had to give it to her -- a child she had made happy.

Mary grew fond of one little girl in particular. She was between the ages six and nine. At first she was very shy, until Mary painted her nails a dark purple color. After that the little girl always was gravitating towards our Mary. Mary would take picture of her and show the girl the images, which she loved seeing herself on the camera. Mary knew then that she was the one to whom she should give her cross.

Next our other team leader, Fay, had an experience with an older lady today. Paz Dominguez was her name, she welcomed everyone with open arms but especially Fay. When Paz found out Fay’s real name was Faith, she began hugging her. Faye found a connection with Paz, watching her raising her arms as if she was praising God for our team being there.

Finally, Jenna knew right away when she saw this old man that he had to have her cross. He came up to about her shoulders and was eighty-two years old. The older gentleman looked like he had worked hard all his life and was very happy just to be with us. A sweet, cute, and appreciative man, he was the one to whom she should give her cross. A smile flashed across his face while taking it from her and holding in between his fingers.

Today was a beautiful and successful day. It was a long trip to the community and back but it was worth it to spend the day with the beautiful people of El Plan Masaguara.

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