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Deepening the Bonds

The Honduran morning starts early because they are not on "fast time" (daylight savings). As the team slowly gathers, the sun slides up the mountains on the east. The sun and clouds appear on the mountains to the west and the birds shout out their greetings, "buenos días" (this is Honduras after all). We are ready for a new day and the blessing and ministry that God has for us today...

The team made the trip to the waterfall this morning and returned to a wonderful lunch. After lunch it was time to start packing the pills for the week. After a couple of hours of pill packing, boredom and fatigue kick in and the frivolity begins. The quote of the day comes from our high school freshman. While bagging 500 mg Tylenol Quinton said "this makes my head hurt." In spite of the uproar, the pills were all packed and put in the assigned boxes.

The camaraderie and fellowship during the preparation time is important as we depart tomorrow to travel to our first community. We further deepened those bonds with dinner out and a devotional time which included a commissioning service and communion.

As we prepare tonight for the coming week, the hens and their chicks which have been roaming the garden here at Barnabas House remind us that just as Jesus wept for Jerusalem, he wants to bring this team and all of us under his wing as a hen does her chicks. And we claim that promise as we prepare to serve.

We would also ask that as you receive this journal that you would pray with us for one of the Alfredo House cooks, Virginia, and her family who suffered a loss in their family today.

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